ON DISPLAY GLOBAL Impacts Rochester & Austin / by Heidi Latsky

The NYC cast of ON DISPLAY already knows how insightful the installation is, but as ON DISPLAY GLOBAL touches other communities around the world, we're receiving grander and more beautiful stories about the installation's effect on a community.

After viewing and participating in ON DISPLAY BOSTON, Diana Kelly took ON DISPLAY GLOBAL to Rochester and set it with U of R Director of Dance & Movement Missy Pfohl Smith. The community took note and the beautiful article below represents the result of their work. Diana takes her involvement a step further by joining the LDI board this year! Welcome, Diana!


Heidi and Jerron recently went to Austin, TX at the invitation of VSA Texas and integrated group BodyShift to teach ON DISPLAY to its community for a week. The installation took place on the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge in downtown and Austin will be a part of ON DISPLAY GLOBAL with an installation at the Blanton Museum of Art.

Both the community and The Daily Texan had wonderful things to say.

You brought our community together more than anyone has been able to do in the past and made us stronger. I can’t wait to get the experience of ON DISPLAY on the 3rd!
— Silva Laukkanen, BodyShift Project Coordinator