New Jersey Stage: Heidi Latsky's Triptych makes its World Premiere at Peak Performances / by Heidi Latsky

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For Latsky, directing the film provided a new dimension of “why not?” As a leading “physically integrated” company, Heidi Latsky Dance includes performers with Parkinson’s and cerebral palsy, who are deaf, born without legs or whose legs have been amputated. Latsky worked with director of photography Zachary Halberd and editor Marilys Ernst to create the intimate, powerful movement portraits in the film. One of the advantages of working with film, Latsky believes, is the ability to draw attention to unexpected details that cannot otherwise be perceived. With Triptych, Latsky’s dancers continue to present “unexpected bodies in beautiful ways” and collaborate with the eye of the beholder to redefine notions of beauty and virtuosity. Triptych features original music by Chris Brierley and Borges.