ON DISPLAY takes the United Nations / by Heidi Latsky

To commemorate International Day for Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd, HLD installed its movement exhibit, ON DISPLAY, in the United Nations General Assembly Lobby.

Read what passersby had to say on social media!

Watched Heidi Latsky Dance redefine ‪#‎disability‬ in this breathtaking performance by dancers with disability on the Int'l Day of Persons with Disability. It was moving in a sense that it challenges the perceptions of the often misperceptions around disability. ‪#‎HLDONDISPLAY‬ - absolutely beautiful!"-

Vina Barahman

"Starting the day with  an amazing and striking performance by Heidi Latsky Dance to revert our obsession with perfect bodies #HLDONDISPLAY"-Amirhos

Even Italy had its praises! Read it below.