CRAINS NY: Support for Dance Companies Takes a Tumble / by Heidi Latsky

"Heidi Latsky, the founder and artistic director of her eponymous dance company, said it has received varying amounts of corporate support since she founded it in 2001. However, she said, it is a tremendous challenge to reach out to corporations when there isn't a development staff to spearhead the effort. Ms. Latsky's company has a budget of around $200,000 and only recently hired an executive director, who she hopes will find a way to get in the door at corporations. "You need an 'in,' you need a contact at these companies," said Ms. Latsky.

She said she has written many companies and applied for various grants but often gets no response. That has surprised Ms. Latsky, especially as her company features disabled as well as able-bodied dancers."

- Theresa Agovino, Crain's New York Business. Read full article.