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"...dancers who are disabled is one of those ideas that arrive as visionary, only to soon inspire the question: €˜Why not?"  - The Chicago Tribune

Established in 2001, Heidi Latsky Dance is committed to redefining beauty and virtuosity through performance, discourse, and education, using performers with unique attributes to bring rigorous, passionate, and provocative contemporary dance to diverse audiences. Under its non-profit, Latsky Dance Inc, the company challenges preconceived notions of both dance and disability.

Mini-installation of Heidi Latsky Dance Company at the Throckmorton Gallery Dec. 8, 2016. The framed photos are samples of the thank you gift mentioned above which are being offered for a donation of $350.00 or more.

HLD is growing at a rapid pace due to the vast activity of ON DISPLAY in global cities, schools and communities; our partnerships with the NYC Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities and Dance/NYC's Dance and Disability Task Force support our efforts to serve the Disability Culture; and the prominent venues in which HLD performs like Lincoln Center, The Whitney Museum, NYU Skirball, the High Line underscore our value to the dance world.  

Individual Donor Support is key to our continued success and growth. Make a donation now of $500.00 or more and receive a beautiful, framed black and white photograph of    Heidi Latsky Dancers as they performed ON DISPLAY at various locations this past year.  Help support us as we challenge preconceived notions of both dance and disability.


You can also send a check, payable to Latsky Dance Inc, to:

Latsky Dance Inc
400 West 43rd Street #21S
New York, NY10036

Photos above by Charlotte Jones

Photos above by Amro Arida

Corporate Support

Please contact us at info@heidilatskydance.com to discuss how you or your company can contribute to our ongoing efforts. To show your immediate tax-deductible support, make a donation through Paypal or with your credit card.

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